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Tsukuba san end-of-year hike 2021

As you know TWMC canceled all its activities since April 2020 due to the corona pandemic. Most of you probably continued hiking by yourself during this long period, but it is also nice to meet and socialize with other people while hiking. It has been a long tradition in TWMC that the last hike of the year, the so-called end-of-year hike, is on Tsukuba san. In 2020 there was no end-of-year hike as the Covid19 situation in Japan was not too good. Looking at the situation in Japan and more specifically in Ibaraki at the moment, we think we can at least organize the end-of-year in 2021. Date: Sunday December 12th, 2021 (see activities for more details)

TWMC activities still suspended

Unfortunately, the corona alert level in Ibaraki was raised from 1 to 2 early July and the number of infections are still rising, especially in Tokyo. TWMC committee members discussed about our future plan and decided to postpone the resumption of organizing events given the current situation. We consider that we can start with cycling events or outside meetings depending on the situation, although it seems to be still difficult to hold car-based events. Since personal activities are not restricted, the club is happy to help you go hiking. If you need information regarding hiking area/route/hut/transportation, feel free to ask. There are many restrictions not only due to the corona virus, but also due to rain, volcanos, earthquakes and landslides.... For example, the hiking routes on Mt. Fuji are officially closed this year. Anyway, the rainy season will hopefully end soon!

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The Tsukuba Walking and Mountaineering Club (TWMC) was founded in May 1998 and has already visited many places in Japan like Fuji-san, the North and South Alps and of course Tsukuba-san, to name but a few. Our aim is to provide walks at all levels to give everyone the chance to experience the natural beauty of Japan.

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