Shirane San/Kitadake

Saturday September 12, 1998

Difficulty 3 Number of Days 4 Yamanashi


This walk will be on 12 to 15 September. The 15th (Tuesday) is a public holiday, so you'll only have to take one day's holiday if you decide to come along. Outward travel will be either on Friday evening or Saturday morning. Compared to the North Alps, the South Alps are more inaccessible and unspoilt. They are also the highest range in Japan. The route is likely to be the one described by Paul Hunt in `Hiking in Japan',
taking in Shirane-san (Kita-dake), the second highest peak in Japan at 3,192 m, and Sanpuku-toge (2,615 m), the highest moutain pass in Japan. Some days will be strenuous, but I don't think there will be so many hair-raising moments like those encountered by those doing the circular route on the North Alps trip. All in all, I think it has the potential to be pleasant walking, and without the crowds who don't turn up until the Autumn.