Mt. Akagi

Sunday December 7, 2003


Difficulty 2 Number of Days 1 Gunma


Hike report by Jan
We had a great hike on Sunday on Akagi san. We started out at 5.45 at HS and drove to Akagi san. It was a rather cold day (the sign around the parking area said it was -1 degree when we arrived at around 9am) and when we arrived the tops of the vulcano rim were still covered in clouds.
Nevertheless after starting the hike and ascending the first couple of meters we got warmed up and the cold seemed to fade away. We had some lovely views of the main lake inside Akagi san and the surrounding plane.

We managed to stay way ahead of map time and so we had enough time to climb the second highest peak in that area where we had a nice view but had to descend a bit before having lunch because up there a chilly wind
blew into our clothes.
Around that time the last clouds lifted to higher grounds and started to vanish so we had very nice walking conditions for the rest of the hike.
Some time later we found out that we should invest in newer maps more often and not try to update them if they are older than 5 years since the way we wanted to walk seemed to have disappeared in bushes and another way that was not on the map was distracting us from the way.

We decided to nevertheless try to stick to the original way and nearly got completely lost. Somehow we found another way then (which I still suspect to be related to the newer way from before since it seemed well intact ... but maybe not ...)That way turned out to be the one on the map again and we had no problem finishing the hike.
The last hour was getting very cold since we had to walk just along the lake on the streets (the only other way would have meant another 500 meters of altitude up and down in about 1 hour before sunset). The wind there was getting rather stong and with the declining sun we started to freeze. The greater was our shock when we finally arrived at the car and found the drivers window being smashed and our things in disorder. Nothing was taken (nobody seemed to want our Onsen stuff) and it was a completly useless act. It made us clean the car in the cold wind and we were all very upset. We managed to temporarily fix the window with some plastic foil and tape at the next gas station and when the heating eventually showed effect our spirits lifted and we decided to go for an Onsen and nice dinner nevertheless.
So all in all it was a very nice hike with a small bugger.
Thanks to everyone participating for the great hike :)

Hike report by Lester
I enjoyed it very much. In the early morning on the mountain there was still no sun, but it was nice. later in the morning the sky was mostly clouds scattered over a brilliant blue background. Later in the afternoon we ere on the ridge overlooking the lake and then when we got down to the tori by the lake the sun was getting low in the sky and mirrored on the lake. From there we walked back to the car on the road, but that was still by the lake. With the low angle the sun in the sky
the illumination was constantly changing and that was nice too. The sun was almost down at this point and the wind was strong. It was becoming much colder.
Unfortunately Tadashi's car we broken into: the window next to the driver was all over the seat and floor. While the bags of onsen things in the car were gone through there was nothing worth taking. Our car was not at all a good choice for this.
We went to a service station and the attendants were very thoughtful and found some almost-clear plastic and tape. This mad e huge difference to our body temperatures and we went to an onsen and then restaurant. I had never been to an onsen of this scale; like a factory for the washing and soaking of human bodies.

Anyway, it was nice.