Adatara yama

Saturday September 30, 2017


Difficulty 3 Number of Days 2 Fukushima


Adatara hike on Sep 30th and Oct 1st.

Five people signed up for this hike. We will go in one car. The meeting time is 6:40 am at the parking lot of the bus terminal in Tsukuba center.

Mt. Adatara is located in Fukushima and one of Japan's famous 100 mountains. Adatara range is made up of some volcanoes and the last eruption was in 1996. You can see a crater during the walk. And Adatara's autumn leaves seems beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing it. It might be bit early for that but let's cross our fingers for luck.

We are going to stay at a hut and I already booked it for 8 people. If you would like to join the hike, please let me know by the 15th with following information. *There is no tent site.

  • Name

  • Phone number

  • Whether you want to have breakfast (800yen)/ dinner(1,540yen) at the hut This will be a car based hike, so if you have a car and can drive for us, also let me know. We need one more car.
    Difficulty; ***

  • Schedule
    Day 1: Depart from Tsukuba station temporally car parking at 6:30am
    Oku-dake parking around 9:30-10:00am
    Car parking (930m) - Yakushi-dake - Adatara-yama(1,700m) - Ushi-no-se - Tetsuzan(1,709m) - Ushi-no-se - Mine-no-tsuji - Kurogane-goya Hut (1,346m) ( )
    Day 2: Kurogane-goya Hut - Parking via Shizen-yuhodo - Onsen (hot springs)

  • Costs
    Approximately transportation cost is 5,000 yen/person (it depends on the number of participants number)
    Hut fee: 3,400 yen, (Plus: breakfast: 800 yen, dinner: 1,540 yen) There is a small shop in the hut as well. Unfortunately their onsen is out of order now.
    Club fee: 500 yen

  • What to bring
    Hiking shoes
    Rain gear
    Onsen kit (Towels)
    Warm Clothes



Date: Sep 30- Oct 1, 2017
Participants: 5
Transportation: car, 3hours for one way, no traffic jams

The weather was nice and the autumn leaves were lovely. We enjoyed our hike a lot.

We met at the Tsukuba station car parking, left there 7:05am and arrived at the car parking of the Adatara kogen ski resort around 10:10. Though I had been worried about finding a spot in the car parking, actually it was easy. Since the ropeway wasn't operating in
the morning due to strong winds, probably many tourists gave up going up and left.
We started walking at 10:30 from the car parking, arrived at Yakushi-dake at 12:00. Everybody enjoyed watching a beautiful shape of nipple of Adatara-yama from there. After 30 min of lunch break we headed to Adatara-yama. On the way to get there, we had nice views and the autumn leaves which was very colorful and cute. It was around 14:00 when we got to the summit. It was so windy and hard to walk around even for standing. Especially Ushinose area, the winds were really strong and 4 ladies had to give up to continue walking to Tetsuzan. Only Thierry could get there. It took 45 min from Ushinose to Kurogane hut. We arrived there around 15:30. The onsen was nice. We went to bed around 19:00.

We had breakfast at 5:30 am and left the hut around 6:45. It was cloudy when we left the hut but the weather improved while we were walking. We walked along the shizen-yuho-do. The pass was lovely. We got back to the car parking around 8:45. We decided to go to
Jododaira which is located on Bandai-Azuma skyline road and it took about 45 min to get there by car. We had a break for second breakfast and coffee there. After that we walked around Azuma-kofuji crater for one hour and also walked to Okenuma pond. Autumn
leaves were very beautiful there. And we saw long line of cars when we left Jododaira around 13:00. We were so lucky that we could reach there early. We stopped at a public onsen at Takayu, had a lunch break on the highway and got back to Tsukuba around 18:15.