Nagano snowshoe hike

Saturday January 6, 2018

Happo area

Difficulty 3 Number of Days 3 Nagano


First brief announcement for Happo snowshoe hike ( 2018/1/6-8).

This is the first announcement regarding snowshoe hike in Happo area, Nagano-ken.

The main area for snowshoe walk covers from the final lift station besides Happo-ike hut to Happo-ike. Normally this route is very well known for very beginners-friendly hiking course from late spring to autumn. However, it completely transforms the gentle shape and the terrain into harsh condition with lots of snow. Yet, it would be fun for snow walkers to come up to the icy pond area with relatively good weather. This is a bit challenging walk compared to previous snowshoe hike. Thus, I brought a strict condition to join this tour.

Those who have own snowshoe equipment
Those who had previous participation with my tour
Not more than 6 people

I had a primary field work to figure out how the route condition was at this season last weekend. From this prior trip, I found it difficult for beginners to follow the mixed snow conditions with strong wind along the ridge. Therefore, I confirmed myself to hold the above tight condition to participate in this hike.

I am well aware that some people don’t like this type of restriction to narrow participants. I am really sorry if some could not join this hike. I don’t mind reorganising the private snowshoe trip if many wish to join in the kind of beginners level.

Please let me know if there are requests for the separate tour ( as my schedule is currently very tight, it may have to be scheduled around March....).

Regarding this Happo tour:
(1) Accommodations:
Happo-ike hut ; ¥9500 with 2 meals
It has the hot bath inside the hut and all rooms are heated up ( very warm).
I reserved 7 people including me in the hut.
The hut is located just besides the lift station therefore you just walk 10 second to get the entrance!!
We are going to stay there while we walk around with snowshoes. This is our base-camp.

(2) Transportation:
This is the car-based trip and also the car needs snow tires. I have my car ( for 3 people ).
We would need one more car if participants will be 4~6 people.

(3) Travel schedule:
1/6: meet-up at 5:00pm in the car park of Tsukuba TX station. We are heading to Happo-ski area using Ken-o do, Kanetsu-do and Nagano-do.
I estimate around 4:30hr to get the destination.
Leaving our cars in the free-car park, we use the rope way (Adam) and 2 lifts to get the hut.
( cost for lifts and ropeway : ¥ 3000 in return)
1/7: Walk to Happo-ike. Honestly I don’t know how long it takes to get there and come back.
But we have whole one day to walk around and our final destination is the hut.
1/8: descend to car park using ropeway and lifts.

On the way home we are going to drop ourself to local onsen.

(4) Stuff to bring:
Warm clothes ( very!!)
Proper gloves ( spare pair if possible )
Warm socks
Head torch (LED)
Sun glasses
Goretex jacket
@ snowshoes
@ winter boots
Drinks for night socialisation (wine etc)

I will upload again my additional notice with my second announcement.

This tour is heavily dependent to the confusion of weather. I will stop and come back immediately if weather is getting bad. I can not guarantee the weather condition at this season. But if we have good luck, we could enjoy the stunning view from the snow ridge and snow field.