Oiwa san

Saturday March 10, 2018

Oiwa san

Difficulty 1 Number of Days Ibaraki


This is the final announcement of Mt.Oiwa hike on this Saturday.
Updated as follows;

Place to meet

  • Time: 6:30 am
  • Place: Tsukuba center 20 minutes free parking lot


  • club fee: 300 yen (except photo contest winner)
  • highway fee and petrol fee: about 1500 yen to 2100yen ( depends on take high way or not on the way back)
  • lunch: 1000-2000 at fish market (bit expensive at the restaurant), maybe there is smaller shop as well.
  • public bath entrance fee: 700 yen (even you don't take bath there, be required entrance fee)

Good news
Whether forecast says it will be good on Saturday. But we should take care of rocks on the mountain. Oiwa means 岩 Rocks!

Additional information
here is hiking map:

When we have enough time and energy, let's try to climb 623m Mt.Takasuzu, it is just next to Mt.Oiwa.

What to bring:

  • Rain gear: (whether forecast says there is possibility to rain)
  • Hiking shoes for low mountain: ( NO! converse shoes!! at least walking shoes or sports shoes, there is slippery and rocky place on the mountain trail.)
  • Water and snacks for 3 hours hike.
  • Camera if you want.
  • Lunch ( in case you are vegetarian or don't like to eat seafood at fish market, I recommend to bring your own lunch.)
  • Onsen kit (face towel, underwear, soap and shampoo if you like)

When you don't like to take public bath, you can enjoy ocean view at there. Please bring book or something to relax.

First announcement of Mt.Oiwa (Oiwasan) @Hitachi in Ibaraki on Saturday 10th March.
I will announce its details later, but just let you know the date in this time. Sorry!

This is one day hike, car based, difficulty 1.5 out of 5, 2 hours hike.

Rough schedule is as follows.
Leave tsukuba 6:30, arrive at Mt.Oiwa 9:00, Look around Oiwa shrine, climbe Mt. Oiwa 530meters above sea level, and move to fishmarcket at nakaminato, then move to oceanview!! public bath at hitachi.
We will come back to tsukuba around 7pm.

here is the URL, please check them if you are interested in it.

Oiwa shrine
fish market
ocean view public bath

please contact me, if you would like to join!