Izu peninsula

Friday February 22, 2019

Izu peninsula

Difficulty 2 Number of Days 2 Shizuoka


Announcement of Izu Peninsula walk on Feb 23-24 (leaving Tsukuba at night on Feb 22).

Kawazu zakura (sakura) already came into bloom. Hopefully we can enjoy watching sakura as well.

The schedule is as follows.
Feb 22: Meeting at Tsukuba station car parking at 19:00 (about 5hours drive to Shimoda)
Feb 23: Tarai-misaki Yuhodo walk (along the coast) and more
Feb 26: To be decided

Difficulty; **

*The schedule might be changed.

Approximately cost is 20,000 yen/person (accommodation, transportation, club fee 500 yen, food).



Participants: 7

Feb 22, Friday
We left Tsukuba center at 19:00. We drove along the coast to get to Yumigahama since the roads through the mountains might have been frozen at night. We arrived at the accommodation around 24:30. We had two small breaks on the way.

Feb 23, Saturday
We started walking around 9:00am. The weather was cloudy in the beginning and then getting better, but it was changeable. After 2 and half hours, we had lunch at sand ski place. However it was windy and sandy. So, we should have had lunch before getting there. We enjoyed Tarai Misaki Yuhodo walk and sand sledding. We left the sand ski place around 13:15 and arrived at yellow flower field near the Minami-no-sakura Festival place around 14:00. We walked along a river to enjoy watching cherry blossoms. It was just in full bloom. On the way back, we stopped onsen “Minami-no-Yu” and then went to dinner. Some people still went to see night sakura to the river again by car.

Feb 24, Sun
We left the accommodation around 8:00 and headed west. First we stopped for a view of some rice terraces, it was off season though. We had a vague view of Fuji-san. After that we climbed Eboshi-yama (164 m). It is not high but quite steep and it has many steps. The view from the top was nice. It took 1 hour up and down. We also stopped at a former stone quarry and visited Matsuzaki town for a bit of sightseeing and left there around 14:00. There were some traffic jams on the way and we came back to Tsukuba around 22:00.

Special thanks to Thierry for driving and carrying the sledges all day for us!
Thanks Luca for dramatic photos!
And thanks to all the participants for your company.