Komachi yama

Sunday January 13, 2019

Komachi yama

Difficulty 2 Number of Days 1 Ibaraki


Join the first TWMC hike in 2019.

Komachi-Yama is located in Tsuchiura and its height is 361m..
The hiking routes were maintained by local people recently.
It might be worth hiking slowly for the start of the year.
It will take around an hour to walk up and also an hour to walk down.

Date: Sunday, January 13
Meeting time: 10:00
Meeting place: parking lot next to Tsukuba bus terminal. We will be back to Tsukuba around 14:30.

What to bring: Hiking shoes, gloves, warm clothes, drink and lunch.

Difficulty **



This is the report of Komachi-yama hike on Jan 13, 2019.

It was about 30min drive from Tsukuba center to the Komachi-yama. We parked our cars at Komachi-no-yakata car parking. However it was already full and took some time to find out the space to park. We finally started walking around 11:15.

The weather was nice and hiking course was lovely. We reached to the top of Komachi-yama around 12:15. There were many tables and benches around the top. We enjoyed our lunch there and started walking again around 13:00 and got back to the car parking around 14:30.

The hiking course was well maintained but some places were very steep. The course is easy but it is better wear hiking boots.
Anyway, it was nice and relaxed hike.