Komachi yama

Sunday November 19, 2023


Difficulty 1 Number of Days 1 Ibaraki


The hike is at Komachi-yama, a relatively close mountain. The starting point is by Komachi no Yakata (http://tsuchiura-n.or.jp/service1.html). It is a relatively short hike, about 1.5 to 2 hours total hiking time plus breaks, but the top of the mountain offers a great view of Mt Tsukuba and also has a nice shady picnic area where we can eat lunch.

The weather forecast is looking mixed at the moment, but the forecast for the weekend is looking better. I will check the trail, and the weather forecast, on Saturday morning, and if necessary, the hike will be postponed, and I will send the announcement by Saturday afternoon at the latest.

As it is quite a short hike, there will also be an optional bike ride as well from Tsukuba Center to Komachi no Yakata.

Meeting time:
For those travelling by car, the meeting time will be 09:50 at Tsukuba Center parking, next to the bus terminal. For those travelling by bike the meeting time will be 09:20, also from the Tsukuba Center parking. You are also free to travel directly to Komachi no Yakata if you wish.

Everyone should aim to meet at Komachi no Yakata at 10:30 ready to start hiking at about 11:00. There is some contingency to allow for delays and finding parking. If you arrive early or have some time to spare there are some restaurants/cafes and a souvenir shop at Komachi no Yakata.
We will have lunch at the summit at about 12:00, before returning.

Difficulty: 1

If you are interested in taking part, please send me the following information:

1) Name:
2) Phone number:
3) If you plan to join the cycle ride from Tsukuba Center:
4) If you have a car and are able to give a lift to others from Tsukuba Center to Komachi no Yakata:

What to bring:

  • Hiking shoes.
  • Layered and/or waterproof clothes in case of changes in the weather.
  • As we are now approaching the summer, sunblock and insect repellent may be useful.
  • Lunch and drinks.
  • Snacks.

Cost: TWMC charges a 300 yen fee for adult participants.
Car drivers do not have to pay this fee.
Fuel costs should be shared between passengers.
Insurance is left to the individual.

COVID-19: Following the update of the government's guidelines on the 8th of May, the decision on whether to wear a facemask is left to the individual.

Disclaimer: There are risks associated with hiking in the mountains. All risks are accepted by individuals participating in the hike; TWMC and the organisers accept no responsibility for these risks:

I look forward to seeing you for the hike,