Sakura family hike

Saturday March 30, 2024

Hokyo san, Tsukuba

Difficulty 1 Number of Days 1 Ibaraki


Here is the first update for the Family Hike on Saturday March 30.

The weather outlook is good: sunny.

Sakura blossoms should be at their peak.

Registered participants until now:

Alok (car, 5)
Keiko and friends (car) direct to Taikan gym/Oike starting point
Yuji, Aki, Yuri, Fumika, Toka (car) direct

If you would like to join, let me know.

I am pleased to announce that, as scheduled, we will go on a Family Hike while enjoying Sakura blooms, on March 30, 2024 (Saturday).

Family hike means a hike for all ages and abilities. People with kids are especially welcome. You can write to me anytime for any consultation. And you can invite friends.

It will be to Mt. Hokyo in Tsukuba, our favorite for family hikes because of a short drive, a moderate height (about 400 m), and at the same time being a real hike but on well defined wide trail with a gentle slope. It has an amazing view of Mt. Tsukuba, and generally a panoramic view of Kasumi-ga-ura lake, Mito, Tsuchiura, Tsukuba, Tokyo, Mt. Fuji (in clear weather), mountains of Nikko, etc.

Schedule: Gathering point (for car pooling) from the Tsukuba station temporary (drop-off - pick-up) parking (free for 20 min.) by 9:00 AM. (try to arrive here by 8:50).

Hike starting point: Hiking Course 1, starting from the pond (Hojo Oike). The most gentle hiking course. See the map here:

The Parking will be the Taikan physical activities center (point S in map above).
We will use the toilets here before setting off for walking.

Families coming in cars, who will not join in the car pooling, can come directly to this parking area of the Taikan center by 9:30 AM (confirm the plan with me in advance). We plan to gather in this parking lot by about 9:30 AM to start walking.

At first we will take a round of Oike pond to enjoy the Sakura blooms, and then walk to the start of Hiking course 1. At a gentle pace, it takes about 120 min. to walk to the top. There are mountain toilets at the top.

We will have lunch (please bring with you) at the top, relax, take in the scenery, and then walk back, after enjoying more Sakura blooms on the other side of the peak.

Cost: 300 yen club fee (exempt for children and drivers). Wear: according to weather, with good walking or hiking shoes.

Let me know if you are interested in joining, and if you have a car and can give a ride, or if you need a ride.

(In case of poor weather, the hike will be postponed to another weekend, possibly the following one.



I am happy to report on the Family Hike to Hokyo-san on March 30, 2024.
28 participants proceeded in 8 cars to Hojo Oike pond, and parked in the Taikan gym parking lot, where we also used the toilets of the gym. Participants included 10 children, of whom 3 were teenagers and one less than an year old. Participation consisted of 6 families and another group. One family came from Tokyo. Six cars went directly to the gym parking, another two started from the Tsukuba center parking.

We started walking at about 10 AM. Even though this hike was planned as Sakura viewing as well, opening of the blooms was delayed due to a recent spell of cold weather. Therefore we could see only the buds ready to burst open!

We took Yamaguchi hiking course 1. It was a hot day, with temperatures rising over 24C. We had lunch (post 12:00 noon) at the memorial 万博記念の森 before the final climb to the peak. We relaxed there while the children played.

We climbed to the peak and spent considerable time there (until almost 15:00h) while the children played around. We climbed down and headed to the parking lot, from where we dispersed in our cars.