Cancelled! Ski trip Hunter Mountain Tochigi

Sunday February 25, 2024

Hunter Mountain Siobara Ski Area

Difficulty 1 Number of Days 1 Tochigi


Unfortunately this trip was cancelled!!!

First announcement: If you want to join, send a message as soon as possible

The plan is to use the high way bus tour below; it will take us to ski places (Hunter Mountain) in Tochigi.

【つくば・土浦発着】朝発日帰り ハンターマウンテン塩原【滞在約6時間】 | 新宿(関東)発ハンターマウンテン塩原へのスキーツアー・スノボツアーを予約するならオリオンツアー (

If you are interested in taking part, please send us the following information:

1) Name:

2) Phone number:

3) Do you want rental tools?

  3)-1 Total coordinate or, Ski or Snowboarding materials without clothes ?

3)-2 which size you want ?

What to bring:

  • Ski or Snowboarding tools and clothes (if you have) ※you can rent if you do not have

  • Lunch and drinks. (if you want)

  • Snacks.

Travel plan

We are going to leave from Joyo bank near Tsukuba St at 06:30 (come by 06:10) by high way bus and head towards the ski places (10 min brief stop will be made on the way of a service area). We will arrive at 10:00 am. After arrival at the ski place and we get ready to ski and start before 11 o’clock.

We can enjoy skiing until around 16 o’clock. It is possible to have lunch at the place. (You can bring lunch, if you want to save more time for skiing). We will leave at 16:00 (back to the bus by 15:50), back in Tsukuba at 19:40.

The bus stop is located in front of JOYO bank and we will leave at 6:30 (come by 06:10). (Do not be late)

【つくば】朝発スキーバス集合場所|日帰り・宿泊スキー&スノボツアー (


Transportation \8900 (including a ticket)

Rental cost (Ski or Snowboarding materials without clothes) \3100

Rental cost (Total coordinate) \4200

Insurance \500 (if you want)

TWMC club fee \300

※You can bring your ski or snowboarding materials if you have.

※Under 12 years old is different price, please let me know

Rental Size


・Cloth(Height)145cm~ (waist)55 cm~

・Board size 140~160 cm

・Carving ski 140~170 cm

・Boots 22~29 cm


・Cloth(Height)~165 cm (waist)~75 cm

・Board size 140~160 cm

・Carving ski 140~170 cm

・Boots 22~29 cm


・Cloth(Height)~175 cm (waist)~85 cm

・Board size 140~160 cm

・Carving ski 140~170 cm

・Boots 22~29 cm


・Cloth(Height)~185 cm (waist)~105 cm

・Board size 140~160 cm

・Carving ski 140~170 cm

・Boots 22~29 cm


I want to make the reservation to keep our seats first but the reservation website is kind of crazy. I have to cancel all reservations and make new reservations again, if I want to change the reservation I made. And the cancelation fee will not be charged by before 11 days. (After 11 days, Max 50% will be charge from the total cost.) So that it is possible to cancel or changes the reservation later but please give your cancelation notice as soon as possible if you want cancel. (the due day is 13th February)