Snowshoe hike Nikko Sensogahara

Saturday January 6, 2024

Nikko Sensogahara

Difficulty 3 Number of Days 1 Tochigi


Update January 4

So far I have 4 people applying to this hike as below.

Efi dwi

This is a maximum capacity for my car. I am moving ahead the hike with these participants.

However, unfortunately it is highly unlikely to be snowshoe hike on 6th due to serious shortages of snow!! Instead I am considering plan B as below;

1). Only walk on the same route without snowshoe. It would be a bit longer hike in that case.
2) Takayama ( it is located adjacent Senjo-gahara and besides Cyuzenji-lake. It takes around 3h to follow the easy hike path).
3) postponement

Please send me your opinion( from participants ) regarding the above alternative plan.

I will finalize what we are going to do afterwards.

This is the first announcement for snowshoe hike in Nikko Senzyo-gahara(戦場ヶ原)on January 6th, Saturday. Many apologies for the delay in sending you my first announcement…….

I have hastily wrapped up the main points to participate in this hike. Please let me know of any inquiry regarding this hike.

1) Location : Nikko Senzyo-gahara(戦場ヶ原) This is a part of Nikko national park, which includes a wide stretched area from Cyuzennji-lake to Nasu-dake. In particular, Senzyo-gahara is an ideal hiking space for gentle snowshoe walk.

2) Hike route : I attached the map for a walk in this area. Normally, we park our car besides Akanuma(赤沼) and start our walk heading toward Ogashiro-gahara(小田代ヶ原). Turning around the observation point, our return to Akanuma is followign Yukawa river (湯川)on wooden path. I estimate the time would be around 3-4 h including walk, lunch break etc.

3) Difficulty level : 1-2 out of 5

4) What you need:

Snowshoe and pole (we can use the rental equipment from Sanbonmatsu(三本松)shop. 1set rental costs you ¥1000 per day. )

Winter boots (water-proof and highly-insulated material is recommended.)

Waterproof gaiters

Warm clothes



Lunch + warm drink (in thermostat bottle)

snack (chocolate etc)

preparation for onsen (I am planning to jump in the local onsen afterwords. )

5) How to get there: This event is organized with car-basis transportation equipped with snow-tire.

Currently I can bring my car to this hike (with 3-4 seats excluding me). We need at least another car if participants are to be more than 5 participants.

6) Cost: gasoline + motorway expense (172km from Tsukuba; ¥4320 for motorway cost in return for a car; around 34L for gasoline in return for a car→ ¥5780) Plus snowshoe rental cost (¥1000 per one person)

club fee: ¥300

  • The driving route will combine Keno-do with Tohoku motorway. It will take around 2h to get there probably including toilet break.*

7) Where we meet up: We get together in the car-park near Tsukuba TX station at 6:30 am on January 6th before our departure.

8) What you need to tell to join this hike :

(a) your name and tel number if you can.

(b) car owner or not?

(c) snowshoe holder or not?.

Please send me your above information ASAP if you wish to join this day trip.