Hanami cycling to Hojo ike

Saturday April 6, 2019


Difficulty 1 Number of Days 1 Ibaraki


I suddenly made up my mind to go to Hojyo oike 北条大池 tomorrow.
This is cycling based.

When you are interested in this hike, please write your name the following link.
....japanese free scheduler though (゚∀゚)

If there are at least 4 participants, I will organize it.
Deadline: 8 pm Friday April 5th.

Time schedule: starts from doho park 9am, around 11am at oike, take lunch, leave there around 1pm.
Come back to doho park around 3pm?

What to bring: your lunch, snacks and drink, picnic sheets.
any types of bike is okay.

If you come to join around University, across the road between tsukuba medical hospital and university, then university side, there is a small space.

Or when you want to join around Tsukuba station, please write it down on the comment column.

I wish the weather will be nice and no wind....