Oku-nikko snowshoe hike

Sunday January 26, 2020

Nikko Yumoto

Difficulty 3 Number of Days 1 Tochigi


Dear hikers,

This is the first announcement of one day Oku-Nikko snowshoe hike on Jan. 26th Sunday.
This event is a beginner-friendly hiking event with snowshoes.
I invite you to go to Nikko-Yumoto area this year (not Sengjo-gahara area).

We will start hiking from the Nikko-Yumoto visitor center after renting gears.
Then, we walk a bit deep into forest. The final destination is frozen Karikomiko lake.

Rental gears (a pair of snowshoe and poles) are available. Just 1000 yen!
After the hike, we will visit a nice onsen.

Difficulty level : 3 out of 5.
Meting time and place : 6:30 at Tsukuba center car parking.
Route time : 5 ~ 6 hours.
Note that I will change the route depending on the course condition and member.

*What to bring:
Hiking shoes (You can also rent shoes for snowshoe)
Warm and waterproof clothes
Rain gear
Snacks and lunch
See this advice.

*Expected Cost:
Car and highway transportation : 5480 yen for highway toll per a car with ETC and gas for 350km
Rental gear : 1000 yen
Onsen : 1000 yen?
Club fee : 300 yen

*Please send an email with your information no later than 19th (Sunday) if you want to join us. First-come, first-served basis!
1) Your name.
2) Can you bring your car with snow tires?
3) Your phone number.
4) Do you want to use rental gears?

Please feel free to ask me if you have questions or request.


Kotaro Makino

牧野孝太郎 kenokenotsukuba_at_yahoo.co.jp