Buccyo san(仏頂山) and Takamine( 高峰)

Saturday May 27, 2023

Kasama area

Difficulty 3 Number of Days 1 Ibaraki


This is the first announcement for day-hike to Bucyo-san (仏頂山) area on May 27th, Saturday.

The mountain area is located in western suburbs of Kasama city and around 10 km north from Higashi-Kanto motorway. The gateway to this route is situated besides Ryogon-ji, Buddhism temple (楞厳寺) .

This is a car-basis hike and we are going to park our cars in space below Ryogon-ji. The hike route is straightforward heading to the submit (431 m) but with a bit steep stirs in trees.

A bit disappointing, there is no clear view from the submit and thus we move further from the submit toward the final destination (Mt Takamine: 520 m).

The pass includes several up and down to get the submit.

The view from the Mt Takamine is stunning (correctly speaking, 50 m below the submit) and at the point we are able to look down the motorway and Amabiki yama and Ontake Yama over the road.

Unfortunately after having lunch at the point we have to turn back the same route heading back to the carpark just below Ryogon ji.

The total time schedule would be estimated around 6h including lunch with some short rests.


Difficulty level : 2-3 out of 5.

Meeting time and place: 7:00 at Tsukuba center car parking.(I estimate the time around 1.5h to get the temple using car from Tsukuba centre).

The total time for hike: 5 ~ 6 hours.

*What to bring:
Hiking shoes ( you should be comfortable with it!)
Warm and waterproof clothes
Rain gear
Snacks and lunch

*I advise participants to bring a pair of walking pole. In particular it helps to soften the impact on your knee while you are waking because the hike route requires to walk up and down along steep rout e a several times…..

TWMC charges a 300 yen fee from adult participants

This hike potentially includes some risk of accidents , injuries and illness for which TWMC and the organizers have no responsibility as mentioned previously.

Regarding the Covid19 rule I comply more or less with the announcement by JP government which was issued on May 8th. In term of “mask” I personally follow no mask throughout this hike. Each participant is free to decide what ought to be….

Anticipated expense:

Gasoline for car: the driving distance 61km -> estimated charge 6L ( 1L running 10km…) X ¥160 = ¥960 per one car……

Club fee : 300 yen (no payment for car-driver).

Insurance: up to each private issue.

*Please send an email with your information if you wish to join us.

1) Your name.

2) Can you bring your car??

3) Your phone number.

I have a car with 3 seats excluding driver(me!)