Amamaki san

Saturday October 21, 2023

North Ibaraki

Difficulty 2 Number of Days 1 Ibaraki


TWMC hike announcement XX 231021-Amamaki-san hike

This is the first announcement for day-hike to Amamaki-Yama(雨巻山) on October 21st, Saturday.

The mountain area is located in west part of Mashiko-machi and around 10 km north from Higashi-Kanto motorway and Iwase. The gateway to this trail is OKawado(大川戸) which has a relatively large car park (over 50 cars). This is a very popular route , in particular, in autumn weekend thus it may bring us a bit busy day…..

This is a car-basis hike and it takes around 1h 20min to get there from Tsukuba centre using the local roads.

The hike route is formed like “horse-shoes “ and includes several peaks including Amamaki-yama (533m). We start the hiking from car park walking 10 min all flat path and then we turn up the right path heading to Mitsudoya-san (三登谷山: 433m) and followed the clear path in forest area until the peak of Amamaki-Yama. After having lunch at the summit, we continue the path following like anti-clockwise of the cycle route, first passing Ontake-san(御嶽山) and getting down to the car park. I estimate roughly 4h excluding lunch break to complete this hike.

Difficulty level : 2-3 out of 5.

Meeting time and place : 7:00 at Tsukuba center car parking. (I estimate the time around 1.5h to get the carpark from Tsukuba centre).

*What to bring:

Hiking shoes ( you should be comfortable with it!)

Warm and waterproof clothes

Rain gear

Snacks and lunch


I may advise participants to bring a pair of walking pole. In particular it helps to soften the impact on your knee while you are waking….

TWMC charges a 300 yen fee from adult participants

This hike potentially includes any risk of accidents , injuries and illness for which TWMC and the organizers have no responsibility as mentioned previously.

I will announce the final decision based on the weather forecast wether it moves on or it is cancelled.

Anticipated expense:

Gasoline for car: the driving distance 55km-> estimated roughly 6L ( 1L running 10km…) X ¥160 = ¥960 per one car……

Club fee : 300 yen (no payment for car-driver).

Insurance: up to each private issue.

*Please send an email with your information if you wish to join us. First-come, first-served basis!( in case only my car could be available for this hike…)

1) Your name.

2) Can you bring your car??

3) Your phone number.