Saturday October 13, 2018

Aizu Bandai-san

Difficulty 1 Number of Days 1 Fukushima


Bandai-san Saturday October 13th

As we enter the autumn season, its nice to go to the Bandai area. Aizu Bandai-san (1819 meter) used to be once taller and shaped like Mt. Fuji, until it blew its top in 1888 and lost its weight and height. The present geography around it is because of this eruption, including the many color lakes, Goshikinuma.

We will depart from Tsukuba (TX station short term parking) at 6 AM to arrive at the trail head by about 9:30 AM. We will climb from Happodai, the shortest route (2 h to climb), so that we have time to visit the lakes in the evening, and possibly an onsen before heading home to Tsukuba.

This will be a car based trip, so participants with cars are especially welcome.

Some other information is as below:
What to bring

  • strong hiking shoes for going up Bandai-san

  • raingear

  • drinking water and lunch

  • warm clothes as it will be cold in the mountains

  • onsen kit
    Meeting place and time

  • 6:00 am on Saturday Oct 13 at the short time parking of the TX station


  • share of transportation (gasoline and highway tolls)
  • club fee 300 yen
  • onsen

Let me know if you want to join, and if you have a car or not.

I will try to be at the club meeting on next Wednesday Oct 3.