Nikko Snowshoe hike

Saturday January 26, 2019


Difficulty 3 Number of Days 1 Tochigi


Second announcement of the Nikko-snowshoe hike.

*Currently, we have two cars, so 10 people can join.
However, 11 people would like to go. Plus one person will come by train and bus.
I am still looking for a driver!

For now, I cannot decide route as the amount of snow might not be enough at Yumoto area. In case of lack of snow, we will walk in Senjogahara area.

First announcement of one-day Nikko snowshoe hike.

Last year, we enjoyed snowshoeing at Senjogahara area.
This year, we are going to walk towards deeper into the forest. (Perhaps I will change the route depending on the course condition and participants.)

You can download the map there.

Rental gears (a pair of snowshoe and poles) are available. Just 1000 yen!

After the hike, we will visit nice onsen.

Difficulty level : 3 out of 5.
Meting time and place : 6:30 at Tsukuba center car parking.
Route time : 5 ~ 6 hours.

*What to bring:
Hiking shoes (You can also rent shoes for snowshoe)
Warm and waterproof clothes
Rain gear
Snacks and lunch

*Expected Cost:
Car and highway transportation : 5480 yen for highway toll per a car with ETC and gas for 350 km
Rental gear : 1000 yen
Onsen : 1000 yen?
Club fee : 300 yen

*Please send an email with your information no later than 20th (Sunday) if you want to join us. First-come, first-served basis!
1) Your name.
2) Can you bring your car with snow tires?
3) Your phone number.
4) Do you want to use rental gears?

Please feel free to ask me if you have questions or request.



On January 26th, we left Tsukuba at 6:40 a.m. On the way, it snowed even in Tsukuba.
We arrived Sanbonmatsu-chaya, which provides rental snowshoe and crosscountry ski equipments, at 10 a.m.
Originally, I planned to hike in Yumoto area.
Unfortunately there was not a big amount of snow and we decided to walk in the Senjogahara area instead of Yumoto area at 12:00.

We started the hike from the Akanuma gate. The first destination was the Ryuzu-no-taki waterfall.
After the waterfall, we found a nice place for taking a rest next to the Shakunage-bashi bridge and we had lunch there.
Then, we walked through the Odashiro pass and Shizenkenkyuro pass.
It was perfect weather when we were waling at Senjogahara area, and we really enjoyed great view of mountains.
On the route, we could see Mt. Nikko-shirane, Mt. Nantai, Mt. Manako, Mt. Nyoho, and Mt. Taro.
We finished the hike before 3 p.m.

We visited the Nikko Astraea hotel for onsen.
On the way back, we stopped at Umechan gyoza shop and had ramen and gyoza.

We arrived in Tsukbua before 9 p.m.